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Tour Groups are an awesome way to experience new adventures!

Motorcycle Express is excited to now be partnering with Touring companies. We know we have a synergism and we are working together to offer our clients more options.

Fly & Ride

If riders who enjoy the benefit of going with a Tour Group in Europe or North America prefer riding on their own cycle, we are now making it easier to do so. Motorcycle Express is teaming up to form alliances with tour groups in order to provide additional options and services for their riders.

By utilizing our Fly & Ride affiliate program, Tour Companies will now be able to offer Air-Freight Solutions online. As experts in Motorcycle Shipping, and certified in Shipping Dangerous Goods; Motorcycle Express does all the document preparation (DG’s, AWB’s etc.) for the rider, in conjunction with the tour company. Tour Group clients can now fly on the same aircraft as their cycle and meet up with the Group on location.


With the affiliate program, Tour Group clients do not need to search the web for resources. Motorcycle Express applications will be easy access from the tour group's websites and facebook pages. Included in the affiliate program is the ability for riders to purchase the necessary insurance needed in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Liability and Physical Damage is available.

In 2019, our friend and rider Cliff Musante was part of a tour group and chose to bring his own bike. He shipped with us and had an amazing journey. BMWMOA puts out a great podcast, that Clifford was a guest on. You can click here to listen.

Nobody has done it better for over 35 years.

It is always the journey and not the destination!

*If you are a Tour Group and are interested in finding out more about how you can benefit from utilizing our Affiliate Program and working together, please Click Here.

Share the passion, embrace the joy and ride on!

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