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What to Expect When Shipping Your Bike.

Understanding What We Do For You

  • Provide AIR Transportation of your cycle from chosen port to chosen destination.

  • Provide all the necessary documentation required.

Air Waybill, Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods, Prohibited Items Page, Letter of Contents Page, if required by airline then we will also include any special form such as the Air Transat Condition report, and any other specific documents that may pertain to your individual scenario.

  • Provide the clients drop off and pick up locations and port contacts.

  • Notify the client if the Airlines dictate any changes to flights or procedures.

  • Also included in your fees are the cost for cargo space, a pallet, what is called a cookie sheet that goes under the pallet, straps, an airline dangerous goods fee and an airline's security fee.

  • We are not responsible for any Customs, Government or Legal issues.

  • We are not responsible for unloading or loading trucks or trailers.


Understanding Your Responsibilities

  • Arriving at the port on a timely basis, with ID and all your printed documents, proof of ownership and/or copy of title and Courier Authorization letter.

  • Presenting a clean cycle with less than one gallon of fuel.

  • Disconnection of the Battery.

  • Present your printed documents and cycle to the airline Cargo Agent.

  • Leave your keys with the agent.

  • When filling out application, listing an accurate weight of your cycle and personal effects are essential.

  • If someone else besides you is presenting the cycle to cargo, we must know this well in advance for additional authorization documents. (That person must abide by all the above-mentioned tasks as if they were you.)

  • If some else is picking up the cycle. We must be notified long in advance to prepare the documentation that the consignee will need to get the cycle.

  • If by your choice you change flights, there will be an additional charge to prepare new documents. The refiling fee will be $150.00 USD

When Shipping with Air Transat

When shipping with Air Transat, they have given us a sample of a form that the warehouse will have you sign after going over the condition of your motorcycle. This form will also be included in your travel package if you ship with them, but take a look at it to

get an idea of the process when dropping off your motorcycle/s with them.

Their rules for 2022 are: 

2022/Air Transat Rules

as stated by the Stated

by Safety & Security


Receiving of Motorcycles

Please be advised that the following items must be checked by the

Warehouse Staff before accepting a motorcycle;

- Check the fuel level and ensure it is empty or maximum ¼ tank of fuel.

- Battery cable is disconnected and the terminals are taped with electrical tape by the shipper.

- Nothing is to be in or on the motorcycle. All saddle bags or storage compartments must be completely empty. If the

shipper does not empty these storage places you must not accept the motorcycle.

- Ensure there is no helmet attached to the motorcycle.

- Ensure there is no spare gas or oil cans or containers on the motorcycle.

- Ensure there is a completed Dangerous Goods Declaration.

- If there are any problems with the shipper regarding these requirements you must notify your Lead-hand, Manager of Cargo Agent.

- Ensure there is no damage - If there is indicate damages

on the sign off.

- Ensure Air Transat or the Air Carrier is notified of any

refusal. When you arrive at the warehouse to drop off your bike, they will check the

condition of your bike and together you will acknowledge and sign the

status of the motorcycle and sign off on it. The next page is a sample of

the form that will be presented to you. It is in your best interest to do this,

for acceptance of the motorcycle.

Our Concept is Fly and Ride

You and your bike are on the same flight. Your job is to drop off a clean cycle and our job is to help you have a safe and enjoyable journey. 

We make all of the arrangements and book your motorcycle shipment. One Way or Round Trip.

Import into one port and export from another for the same price!

We prepare all of the necessary documents for your departure and return. These are completed 30 days prior to your departure.

We also provide the necessary insurance required for riding in a foreign country.


Why book elsewhere when Motorcycle Express "Fly and Ride" program does it all! With certain carriers, they offer a discount when you purchase you passenger tickets with them as well as book your shipment on them. Air Transat currently offers this Fly & Ride program as you can see on the rate page.

We will begin processing your documents immediately, and you can expect to hear from us approximately 45 days prior to your departure if we need any additional information or payment from you. If you reserved pallet space with a deposit, we will automatically invoice you for the balance.

Three to four weeks prior to your departure you will receive an electronic copy of your travel package for you to proof. (Click here to see what documents a sample travel package includes.)  You must have a color printer to print on. We include everything you need to know in this package. 

Image Motorcycle Condition form.png
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