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Rates and Routes

Our rates change monthly with some carriers and rates are not guaranteed until booked.

Our rates are ONLY for shipping the motorcycle. Passenger flights are not included.

Please click here for details about how to book your flights.

Note that some ports will change during the season.
Air Canada Logo.png

Air Canada allows your bike

to be packed as normal, with riding clothes in your panniers. You are not charged extra for that. It is still at the discretion of the warehouse supervisor

about what can go with the motorcycle, so always

be prepared when dropping off your motorcycle

with a bag on hand. You can then take the item and check it with you as a passenger.

Air Canada will allow us to confirm

bookings 14 days prior to departure.

Air Transat logo.jpeg
 Air Transat supports the
FLY & RIDE Program


Prices do not include passenger tickets, but you do get a shipping discount of $100.USD for flying on Air Transat as a passenger. Must provide copy of ticket.

Air Transat will allow us
to confirm bookings for cargo
45 days in advance.

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WestJet will allow us

to confirm bookings for cargo
30 days in advance.
For WestJet (Sidecars/Trikes email us with the dimensions at
bottom of page