The airlines will not confirm the exact flight that a bike will be on until 30 days prior to departure. What our clients typically do, is fill out a reserve pallet space or full shipping application form (based on your time frame) and put their preferred flights on the application. By reserving pallet space you will only be charged a $75.USD non-refundable administrative application fee that will go to your total shipping cost. It is used to begin processing all of your documents and 30 days prior to departure your request automatically comes up in our queue to confirm and receive an Air Waybill number (confirmation) for the flight and your motorcycle shipment from the carrier. Flights are subject to change. We will always communicate with you to offer the best flight available to meet your shipping goals.

Reserving pallet space used to be a much higher cost, but since we are in a post pandemic phase and things with the airline carriers are changing daily we have lowered our cost to assist moving your shipping process forward. 

If you ship with us, the application fee will go towards your flight cost. If you do not choose to ship with us it is non-refundable.

If you are leaving within the next 35 days, you must fill out a complete shipping application. Please email us first at info@motorcycleexpress.com so we can look at the proper flight for your shipment.

Below is the application to Reserve Pallet space today.