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An Overview of the Shipping Process.

Getting started with the shipping process can be confusing. Each year there are changes and variables that affect what is available for you. We are waiting on 2024 rates. Once we have that information you will be able to make some choices, but even when you reserve pallet space it is not only about having the exact flight pinned down. Reserving pallet space puts you on our radar, in a queue so we can be sure not to miss deadlines for the best options.  If you are wondering when exactly to book your shipping reservation, this is entirely up to you. The season books up cargo space fast. The sooner you let us know, we jump to get that space as soon as the carrier allows us. For each carrier it is a number of days before we can get full confirmation about space on that flight and then a confirmation number is assigned to your motorcycle shipment. For Air Transat we can confirm about 45 days in advance, for WestJet we can confirm about 30 days in advance and for Air Canada we can confirm 10-14 days in advance.


Requirements for shipping. 

It is a pretty simple process. For the briefest answer, look at Understanding Your Responsibilities here:

However, there are terms and conditions that you should review on our website here.


The important question people often ask is "Should I book my passenger ticket first or wait until I book my shipment?"  It is a difficult question to answer but the consequences are not so terrible if you do it. Here is the deal: If you want to fly out on June 10th….and you book your flight. The worst thing that can happen if the cargo space cannot fit your motorcycle on that exact flight is that they will put it on the flight closest in time to that flight. They would communicate that to us and we would communicate that to you and you would have a say in the matter. It is important to keep a rider’s mentality of going with the flow and be a little flexible. If you book WestJet or Air Canada, you book your passenger ticket online. You can always double check with us to make sure it is a wide body plane that will carry a motorcycle. If you book a passenger ticket on Air Transat, then it is best to go with the travel agent we have listed on the site here:

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