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We now offer transit insurance by Magaya Insurance Services, Inc. (Magaya Insurance is the broker. The insurance Company/Underwriter is The Hartford previously known as Navigators.) This type of insurance covers the loss or damage to cargo during transportation. It typically includes coverage for risks such as theft, fire, accidents, and natural disasters.

It does not cover small dents and scratches. These small claims can still be made with the airline.

Although the liability is with the airline carrier, this Transit Insurance speeds up a claim so you can receive your money much quicker (approximately within 3 weeks, compared to what can be a longer process with the airline carrier) and not only gives  value for the damage but includes the coverage for the cost of shipping your motorcycle on that flight. Once you claim is handled by them and you are covered, then they take over the claim with the carrier.

If you want a quote for your shipment, please email us at



While your motorcycle is the liability of the airline carrier you have selected when you turn your motorcycle/side-car/trike over to the expert warehouse handlers, accidents can still happen.

1.)   You should always take photos of your motorcycle before you drop it off, outside the warehouse. Take a picture of the warehouse as well and every side of your motorcycle. It is important to document every detail about the condition of your motorcycle before drop off and this will help time stamp it. Fill out a condition report to keep details about every inch of your motorcycle's condition before turning it in. The truth and documentation will help to expedite the time it takes for the investigators on the claim to see the whole picture.

2.)   When you go to pick up your motorcycle and if you notice something has been damaged, you should immediately notify the warehouse person and make an official claim in writing with them. They will write it up. You should take photos of the motorcycle and get a copy of the claim document. (Even if it is just a photo of it.)

3.)   Once this is done, contact Motorcycle Express within 24 hours. While we cannot make the claim for you, we will assist as a liaison as much as possible to help move things forward.

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