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International Travelers Coming to Canada and the USA

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"This program is for foreign riders who are temporarily riding their own motorcycle with a foreign license plate in the US & Canada.  The insured must own the motorcycle. The insurance is not valid for motorcycles registered in the USA"

 Liability and Physical Damage Coverage
in the United States and Canada

Definitions to Understand Exactly What The Program Can Cover


Make sure to get your insurance as soon as possible. For your Canadian ID Card is on special document paper and is Express Mailed to you from Motorcycles In Motion, Inc. (the sister company of Motorcycle Express) once we receive it from

National General. It has to be done this way, so understand it can take a couple of weeks.

To our International Motorcycle Insurance Customers:

  • We offer insurance that will help provide protection for you and your motorcycle, whether you are in Europe or North America.

  • *Motorcycles older than 30 years are NOT eligible for this program with National General except for Liability only.

  • Scooters and Mopeds are not eligible for this program.

NAIP, once policy is in effect, there will be no cancelation refunds as this policy contains a provision of all premium is earned upon passing inception date. 

  • Your ID Card will have a default Garaging Address and Driver's License Number. Here is why and how this works.

With the National General Program, a US address is not required. The Contract is designed for foreigners riding their cycles in the US and Canada. National General realizes that the cycles are not going to be garaged in any one location but will be traveling throughout North America. For this reason you will see a DEFAULT US garaging address and DRIVER"S LICENSE number on your insurance card.This has been approved by National General's legal team and your foreign information is kept in our system for reference. Letter below from our insurance agent in reference to the above.

"The insurance underwriter (carrier) that we are using for the international program (National General) is relatively new to working with our international program.  Prior to working with Motorcycle Express, National General had in place underwriting guidelines that required covered vehicles have a 'principal garaging location' in the United States.  Of course, with the international program, the 'principal garaging location' would not be within the United States.  National General understands this, and has modified their underwriting guidelines to allow, as part of the international program, for coverage of cycles garaged only temporarily in the United States.  Unfortunately, some of the verbiage on the National General website hasn't caught up with this underwriting change and appears to specifically exclude from coverage cycles not principally garaged within the United States.  Please consider this letter, coming from a duly authorized agent of National General, as confirmation that within the international program, cycles brought into the United States on a temporary basis will be covered by National General."

You will be ineligible for insurance if any of the following apply to you:

  • Any items listed in the Prohibited Risk section found on the Details Additional Information Screen (ALSO ATTACHED)

    • Note we are extending quote for insurance while the motorcycle is in the United States or Canada, so during your requested policy term we will only provide coverage for the motorcycle while it is in the United States or Canada.  We will utilize a defaulted US mailing and Garaging address in the United States for your travel policy term.

  • The motorcycle must be owned by you, cannot be greater than 30 years old, except for liability only. The motorcycle  cannot be used for business and cannot be modified.  Our definition of modified is as follows:  A vehicle has been modified if the engine or driveline has changed to increase performance (i.e., Nitrous Oxide, Turbo, etc.); the vehicle has structural modifications or physical alterations to the vehicles frame (i.e., changes to the neck producing a ‘chopper’ look., lowering of the frame); or the vehicle has been rebuilt with an aftermarket engine or frame components.

North America Insurance Program (NAIP)


Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD)

  • It covers injuries caused by the policyholder to another person related to the person's motorcycle.

  • BI/PD coverages must be written together.

  • Includes Guest Passenger Liability — Bodily Injury coverage (GP)

  • Coverage is mandatory

  • NAIP offered limits of $50,000/100,000/25,000 and $100,000/300,000/50,000

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UM/UIM BI)

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UM/UIM) is used specifically when the other person is at fault for an accident, but they are either uninsured (which is illegal by the way) or underinsured. Underinsured basically means their bodily injury limits are too low to cover all of your medical expenses.

  • Limits cannot exceed Bodily Injury limits.

  • Limit selected for BI/PD, same limit for UM/UIM BI will be provided.

  • Coverage is mandatory

  • NAIP offered limits of $50,000/100,000/25,000 and $100,000/300,000/50,000

Medical Payments (MP)

An optional policy level coverage (for the motorcycle operator) that pays for reasonable expenses incurred for medical and/or funeral expenses incurred due to a motorcycle accident.

  • Bodily Injury (BI) coverage is required.

  • Limits must be the same for all motorcycles on a policy.

  • Limits are per person per accident.

  • Coverage is included with the purchase of Comprehensive and Collision coverage

  • NAIP offered limit of $2,000.

Physical Damage

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage (Comp/Coll) - ACV

  • Physical damage insurance is a type of insurance that covers physical damage to your motorcycle.

  • Physical Damage Only policies are not acceptable, Liability Coverage is required.

  • Salvage vehicles are not acceptable.

  • Comprehensive and Collision coverages are required on any motorcycle with a loss payee.

  • NAIP offered deductible is $1,000 for both Comp/Coll.

Actual Cash Value (ACV)

Pays the fair market value when there is a Total Loss. The limit of liability for Physical Damage losses to motorcycles insured with the ACV settlement method will be the LOWER of:

  • ACV of the stolen or damaged property at the time of loss;

  • Amount necessary to replace the stolen or damaged property; or

  • Amount necessary to repair the stolen or damaged property to its pre-loss condition.

Customized Equipment and Parts Coverage

Policies with Physical Damage provide coverage for all equipment made by the motorcycle’s manufacturer that is permanently installed on the motorcycle when purchased new (invoice required).

  • The first $3,000 for motorcycle and $1,000 for ATV, Golf Cart, or Snowmobile of customized equipment and parts is included at no additional premium. The application should list all additional equipment and parts regardless of total value.

  • Includes equipment and parts permanently attached to the motorcycle, such as custom paint, and customized illustrations.

  • Premium is based on the actual cash value of all customized equipment and parts. Do not include labor in value.

The following are excluded from customized equipment and parts coverage:

  • Radar detectors, carbon fiber bodywork or accessories, and helmets (see Helmet coverage).

  • Policy must have Comprehensive coverage or Comprehensive and Collision coverages.

  • Coverage is included with the purchase of Comprehensive and Collision coverage

  • NAIP program includes $3,000 of coverage for street only motorcycles and $1,000 limit for off-road motorcycles

Safety Apparel Coverage/Helmet Coverage

Up to $400 of Safety Apparel and Helmet coverage is included at no additional premium on all cycles on the policy with both Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Coverage only applies when the safety apparel and helmet is worn during a covered loss.

  • Coverage is included with the purchase of Comprehensive and Collision coverage.

  • NAIP program includes $400 of coverage

Towing and Labor Coverage

  • Coverage is optional, with Towing and Labor coverage, we provide towing to the nearest qualified repair facility and necessary labor at the time and place of disablement when the motorcycle or vehicle towing them is disabled within 100 feet of the roadway due to: mechanical or electrical breakdown, battery failure, insufficient supply of fuel, oil, water or other fluids, flat tire, lockout or entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand.

  • Limited to 1 per occurrence; 3 occurrences per policy period.

  • Available for any motorcycle on the policy with Comprehensive and Collision coverages.

  • Coverage is optional.

  • NAIP limit offered is $150 of coverage

Trip Interruption Coverage

  • Coverage is optional, we will reimburse interruption expenses when disablement occurs more than 100 miles from the insured’s primary residence. Coverage provides daily maximums of $100 lodging, $50 for meals and $50 alternate transportation while the motorcycle is being repaired.

  • Coverage is limited to $400 per disablement and no more than three (3) occurrences per policy period.

  • Available for any motorcycle on the policy with Comprehensive and Collision coverages.

  • Coverage is optional.

  • NAIP limit offered is $400 of coverage

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