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Absolutely be sure to communicate with us via email about your preferred flights and do not book your passenger flights until we have confirmed what flights we are aiming to ship the motorcycle/s on. It is so important that you book on a widebody flight to a destination that we have approved will work. There are many variables and you will save yourself tremendous aggravation, if you just confirm with us before booking. Remember the airlines have the right to make any changes with their fleet and schedules at any time, so we do our best to account for this when considering all options.


If you are shipping on Air Transat, here is why it is important to book directly through Julie Derome for Air Transat:  It will always be easier to make any necessary changes if need be; rather than going through one of the third party airline ticket sellers online.  Sometimes, if the airline makes a change then Julie can often get your passenger flight changed without a penalty. While it is not guaranteed, and you can by right choose whomever you want to book through, this has proven to be helpful.

WestJet and Air Canada passenger tickets are best purchased online on their websites. However, it is totally your freedom and choice to book anyway you'd like for your passenger tickets.



If you are going to book passenger flights with Air Transat, please contact Julie Derome and coordinate. She knows what flights are appropriate for the CARGO:

Julie Derome


Club Voyages Tourbec Laval

550 Boul. Curé Labelle Nord, suite 13

Laval (Ste-Rose), Québec, H7L 4V6

Tél : (450) 622-0865 poste 226

Fax : (450) 622-1584


Before contacting Julie, you can preview flights at Remember, you must select flights that are NON-STOP and Widebody Planes A330-200.


With WestJet look for Non-stop  Dreamliner Flights for your motorcycle/s.

For WestJet, you can preview flights at and call reservations at:

Flights and general inquiries (open 24/7): 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET)

For Air Canada, you can book your passenger flights online separately at

Must be a Widebody Plane (example Boeing 777-300 that is an Air Canada plane - it cannot be by another carrier) and it must be non-stop.

If by chance you have already booked a passenger flight then just let us know what airline you are on, your flight numbers and exact dates and times. From that we will do everything on our part logisitally to take care of gettin gyour motorcycle on the best flight to accommodate your travel dates and times.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your business. We look forward to serving you throughout your journey!

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