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Terms and conditions are available for you to review when you agree to terms and pay on your shipping application and contract. You will also receive a separate contract to sign when we do the booking of which you will receive a copy of, along with your Electronic Travel Package for you to have and review at any time. These terms are full of useful information as you move through the shipping process and you will know what to expect and/or what may come up at different ports after reading through them. 

Terms and Conditions for Shipping Application & Contract

Motorcycle Express Shipping Costs Does Not Include Passenger Tickets.

Rules, Instructions, Terms and Conditions for Shipping Application and Contract


Shipping Contract does not include the cost of "Temporary Insurance"
Shipping Contract does not include the cost of any Handling Charges, Navcan Handling Fees, Export Declaration Costs, Terminal/Warehouse Fees, Airline Surcharges, X-ray/Secondary Security Screening Fees, Storage Fees, Customs Fees or Agents Fees required for Customs clearance. These charges/fees are the responsibility of the shipper/client and are payable at the port location only.


Motorcycle Express will not be held responsible for cancelled flights or expenses due to any delay. All motorcycles are shipped on a standby basis and will be shipped on the next available flight. Motorcycle Express shall accept no liability whatsoever for surface transportation arrangements or expenses due to any delays.

Important Instructions Regarding Your Shipment


  • Transportation to/from passenger terminals, cargo warehouses and customs offices. The cargo warehouses may be 4-5 miles away from the passenger terminals and will either require a taxi journey or your own transportation. There may be no public transport.

  • Customs clearance at all ports. This will involve collecting any documentation and taking them to the Customs office. *Some ports may require an Agent to clear your bike through Customs. 

  • You are responsible to contact the agent PRIOR to drop off or pick up and pay any fees required for Customs clearance. This may also require transportation to/from agent's office and ports. You will collect your motorcycle from the warehouse after paying any applicable fees, duties, port fees, overtime charges, customs fees or agent fees for customs clearance.

  • Disconnecting the battery, taping the positive terminal and having NO MORE THAN ONE GALLON of gasoline in the tank. This must be done prior to drop off (outside the airfreight warehouse). If you do not prepare your motorcycle according to these Dangerous Goods regulations, your bike will not be shipped. You are NOT permitted to have any protruding devices attached to the bike; such as GPS, Phone Holder…etc.

  • ALL locks must be open. Leave ALL keys (ignition, gas tank, bags etc.) with the bike for access to the fuel tank and any lockable compartments or boxes. Keep a spare set.

  • Any modifications the airline may require which will enable them to ship your motorcycle. Procedures can vary depending on the terminal, day and staff. You may not attach any luggage or bags to the motorcycle except for manufacturer's hard or soft bags, which may or may not be packed depending on airline rules. All attached bags must be unlocked for Customs inspection. * No Liquids. Combustible OR Electronics may be inside of Back Bags. * We/Airline will not be responsible for any contents in side of back bags. Please be sure to fill out the Letter of Contents included in your package.

  • We would prefer drop off and pick up on weekdays if possible.

  • Any Duty or Tax that may be payable to Customs on your motorcycle shipment.

  • Verifying the days and hours ports are open for drop off and pick up of motorcycle. Not all ports are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure the port is open on the day you are going to drop off/pick up your bike in case it is a holiday.

  • Verifying the days and hours Customs offices are open for customs clearance at each port. Customs may not be available for Customs clearance on certain days or hours.

  • Any overtime or after hour's fees required at the port or by Customs Agents.

  • Presenting the ORIGINAL TITLE at all ports; as well as, Lien Holder Permission Letter.

  • Verifying the motorcycle shipment has arrived and is available for pick up at the port of destination. You must always refer to the airway bill number.

  • Any storage charges at ports if motorcycle is dropped off prior to the scheduled drop off date.

  • Any storage charges if motorcycle is not picked up within the allowable time at your port of arrival.

  • Any terminal fees, warehouse fees, customs fees, airline surcharges, X-ray/Secondary Security Screening fees, Navcan fees, handling charges, export declaration costs, airway bill fees, storage fees, Customs fees or Agents fees required for Customs Clearance which are payable only at your port of arrival/departure. These vary from port to port.

  • Ports accept Cash Only (Local Currency)-No Checks or Credit Cards if any fee payments are necessary.

  • You MUST notify the airline immediately in the event of damage caused by the airline handling. As a condition precedent to recovery, a claim for any loss or damage must be filed immediately with the airline. If not, your claim may be denied.

  • Any surface transportation or expenses due to any delay in shipment.

  • Contacting our office 10 days prior to your return to confirm the return arrangements on round trip packages to avoid any airline flight cancellation penalties.



  • The transportation of this shipment shall be governed by the rates, terms and conditions of any existing contract between the client and Motorcycle Express.

  • Motorcycle Express shall not be liable for delay caused by airline schedule changes, Customs clearance, failure to clear security, and change in manifest, lack of capacity or from any cause.

  • Motorcycle Express will not be bound to transport by any particular schedule, means, vehicle or otherwise as a result of a delay.

  • In no event shall Motorcycle Express be responsible for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential expenses arising out of a delay in shipment.

  • Motorcycle Express shall have the right in case of physical necessity to forward said property by any carrier or route between the point of shipment and the point of destination.

  • It is now mandatory for all motorcycles to be screened through an x-ray prior to shipping at all ports.

The maximum allowable dimensions for bikes to go through this x-ray machine are:
145 cm High x 145 cm Wide x 300 cm Long -57'' High x 60" Wide x 118" Long
You are responsible for any X-ray /Secondary Security Screening Fees and any additional costs if required due to density etc.
It will be your responsibility to ensure that your bike is within this restriction. If you need to remove a windshield or let air out of your tires in order to meet this requirement, it must be done outside the airfreight warehouse prior to drop off. It is to your advantage to stay with your bike during security screening and procedures to ensure all issues are OK. ANY MOTORCYCLE THAT EXCEEDS THESE DIMENSIONS MAY NOT BE SHIPPED. INQUIRE IF QUESTIONS AT

If an agent is required for your departure or arrival at any port you MUST contact the agent PRIOR to drop off or pick up or your bike will not be shipped and/or released. Motorcycle Express will act as a liaison when possible and connect you with an agent when needed and you will pay the agent directly.

Motorcycle Express will not be responsible for any damages done to your vehicle. The responsibility is that of the airline that is transporting your vehicle.  All damages are to be immediately reported immediately to the Port upon discovery of any damages. You must request a damage report from the port. It is suggested that a photo of the damages that have occurred as well as the damage report issued by the port be submitted to the airline and if purchased the Transit Carrier. Motorcycle Express will aid in the settlement of any claim as long as the photo and report are submitted within 24 hours upon receiving your vehicle. 


You must print your documents in color or the airlines will not accept them. By completing this application, it is your responsibility to have make sure you have printed in color and have everything in order. Dangerous Goods stickers are not necessary moving forward as it is stated in the IATA rules and we no longer need you to place this sticker on your cycle. However, some airlines will still want the sticker, so as a preventative measure to ward off any hassle, we will send you a copy of the sticker that you need to cut out and be prepared to tape on your motorcycle if asked. We will also provide you with the documentation to show them the regulations on this issue, and it will not be a problem.


Updated November 14, 2023

Application Fee:

For all applications, a $100.USD non-refundable administrative application fee that will be charged to process your application and if you ship with us it will go towards your total shipping cost.  If you do not choose to ship with us it is non-refundable.​

Submitting an application now for 2024 will assure that your place in line with the date of your choice will go to you before the next person that tries to save that flight's cargo space.  All of your paperwork will be started and upon receipt of your application and we will await the official Air Waybill number from the carrier according to their timeline. Approximately 30 days prior to departure our goal is to send you your documents to review. (This would be 14 days out with Air Canada because they do not assign Air Waybills prior to that.)

Reserving Pallets in 2024:

Once we receive actual rates and specific routes for 2024 that are agreed upon and submitted to us from our carriers, we will begin accepting real reservations and larger deposits. However, at this point in pre-season, we feel it is best to simply process your application since there are no official determined rates and routes.

When Paying in full or Reserving Pallet Space and cancelling prior to 45 days of Scheduled Journey, all funds will be refunded with the exception of the non-refundable $100.USD application fee.

Shipments to Central America and South America:

All shipments to Central and/or South America are only offered one way from Canada to Central and/or South America. It is your sole responsibility to obtain your own agent in the country of your destination. As this is a new route we are offering, we want to be clear that you need to have an agent there to assist you with logistics of releasing your motorcycle from customs, abiding by all insurance requirements and any other special requirements of that particular country as it pertains to your temporary import for your motorcycle travel. You must obtain your own resources for your return shipment, as we do not have the ability to ship out of those countries. Additionally, it is important to know that once your motorcycle is on board in cargo for shipment, Motorcycle Express Services, Inc. accepts no liability whatsoever in any capacity for any circumstances you may run into. This is our first year, after so many requests, to assist riders with shipping into these countries. We are thrilled for you and believe that this opportunity to ride in these beautiful regions of the world can be amazing.

Shipping Cancellation Fee:

When Paying in full or Reserving Pallet Space and cancelling prior to 45 days of Scheduled Journey, all funds will be refunded with the exception of the non-refundable $100.USD application and pre-processing fee. 

When Paying in full or Reserving Pallet Space and canceling less than 45 days and before 30 days prior to scheduled journey, 50% of funds will be refunded only valid within the same calendar year as original booking.

Paying in full or Reserving Pallet Space and canceling less than 30 days of scheduled journey will result in no refund.

Change Fee:

Changing scheduled dates of departure less than 45 days prior to scheduled journey, there will be an additional administrative fee of $100.00 USD only valid within the same calendar year as original booking.

Rush Fee:

If you book a shipment less than 14 days prior to travel, without having already reserved pallet space, this will result in an $75.USD Non-Refundable Rush Fee. If you do not acknowledge the less than 14 day fee on the application, you will be invoiced separately and the date of booking is automatically electronically filed on the original application.This must be paid before processing of your documents will take place.​

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