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Affiliate Program

We are so pleased to share our new affiliate program with select allies. We designate custom links that track all business that comes from your site, thus from your clients. Additionally, on the Shipping/Airfreight application we will combine our logos in the header in an effort to highlight your company. (We cannot do this on any Insurance products.) 


You can easily place the link on your site or embed it on a page on you site. If your IT Department requires another form of code, you can just let us know. We can provide a SOURCE CODE (A compressed and refined version with separate .css and .js files.) We can also provide a LIGHTBOX CODE to have your form appear in a lightbox or an IFrame Code to embed your form in an iFrame within your page. 

At the end of each month both of us will know how many of your clients have utilized these links. In addition, you will receive an email any time one of your clients have utilized the Shipping application. The email will be a copy of the application. If the client completes the application and pays for the service, reserves pallet space or it is just an enquiry you will be able to see the entire transaction.  

You will receive compensation per flight. For compensation contract information and more details, please email

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