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Motorcycle Express and our Shippers have all been waiting for this day to come! We are excited to let you all know that as of March 17th, 2022 we have more ports that have opened up and will be updating you with all the details by early next week.

You can celebrate with us in knowing that we will finally be able to take reservations for pallet space or full bookings. We have been waiting for the cargo schedules and rates and we have news of ports opening in PARIS, SPAIN, ITALY and 2 locations in ENGLAND.

We are still working on trying to get ports in or around Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and in Vancouver, Canada. But we will have plenty to choose from and we will be updating our website page by next week with the details. Thank you all for your patience as we are navigating through different times.

Additionally we will be emailing everyone of you that has filled out an inquiry with us so that you will know what your options are to move forward. We will also be following up with those of you who have been waiting to travel since before pandemic.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Cheers and keep an eye out on the ports webpage next week for the updates!

Cheers! ~ From the Team at Motorcycle Express

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