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Canadian Border Opening to US

We are thrilled to see that our US travelers will now be able to cross the border into Canada. Here is an article that answers so many of the questions about rules, regulations and so forth.

Just like all of you, we have anxiously been waiting for the world to get COVID under control so that we can all move forward with our lives in the most normal way. (Or new normal way.)

For a motorcycle rider, there is nothing like riding with the wind and feeling free. This is starting to become possible in more locations, slowly but surely.

Please know that we are only passing on the information we learn so that you can be informed. We make no judgement of anyone's personal situation as it pertains to vaccinations and are only

trying to assist with any shipping and travel plans that you are making.

We wish you all continued great health and adventure in your lives and are hoping that by next season, travel will be as exciting as it was before all of this chaos.

That's all for today. Stay tuned.

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