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2019 Rider News, Tips and Updates

Hello to all of our riders across the world! 2019 is already a very busy season for us and we are excited to be assisting you all through the preparation for your journeys. We have been extremely busy updating our website and applications to all be electronic and hopefully user friendly this year. Thank you for your patience during this process.

Many of our repeat clients know that it is our philosophy to provide a concierge service you by handling the preparation of all the necessary documents for shipping your cycle. We want it to be a hassle free, seamless and enjoyable adventure. We are not just a motorcycle freight forwarding company, but rather your partner for your very exciting journeys.

Riders in Ireland


We have many new routes and options for our clients. We are now partnering with Air Transat as well as WestJet. Additionally, we continue to offer Green Card Insurance, and our newest products are Transit Insurance and Roadside Assistance (In the US & Canada.) We also offer Medical coverage, Trip Cancellation and Medical Evac.


We recently had a traveler that needed some changes with their flight because the airline had changed its schedule and it became a bit more challenging to assist them because they had used an online third party airline ticket seller. *** So we just want you all to be aware that when you book through our contact Julie Derome at Air Transit or directly with WestJet reservations, it will be a little easier for us to assist if any unexpected changes arise. Our goal is to assist you on your journey in every way possible to make it the best experience ever!


One more note about Insurance. We are thrilled to have accomplished offering Insurance in the USA for foreigners. However, in Canada we are still optimistically working on this. We want to thank you all for your patience on this matter. We have been working so diligently over the past year to acquire this insurance and it has been very difficult. We will keep you posted as soon as we have any further updates on this.

We appreciate you all and wish you a beautiful upcoming season of travel!

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