Save the Date!

What are you doing June 25th to June 28?


See below for details on how to save $500 on shipping your bike!



You are cordially invited to attend the BMW MOA National Rally

in Great Falls, Montana. June 25 - 28, 2020



We do realize that crossing the pond can be an expensive proposition, so in the interest of camaraderie, friendship and a common bond...we have a special gift for you.


A $350.00 COUPON  to help fuel your interest!

In addition, you will also get $150.00 credit if you fly on the same flight as your cycle.


You must depart from one of the following Ports:

Dublin, Gatwick, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam


You must also arrive and depart from Calgary.

Calgary is less than a day’s ride to Great Falls Montana, especially if you are a BMW rider. Riding through Southern Canada and Montana is a joy by itself.

Simply click below to fill out a shipping application, reserve your pallet space and enter the  promo code  2020BMW in the box illustrated on the application.


Yikes! You saved $500.00. "You can tell your spouse how much money you are saving."


This promotion is approved by BMWMOA and will be effective for departures from 6/01/2020 until 06/23/2020. Return any date you want. 

In most cases we can fly 5 bikes at a time, just in case you have a few friends!


Insurance is available now for the US and Canada.

Don't postpone joy :-)

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