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On The Road Again

Road to village peak district Derbyshire, England UK

Starting October 5th, 2020 we are pleased to announce that we are up in the air again. Step by step, we now have the availability of shipping from Vancouver to Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver as well as Toronto to Calgaray and Calgary to Toronto.

The really great news is that we now have Vancouver to Gatwick via Toronto and Gatwick to Vancouver via Toronto. We also have Toronto to Gatwick and vive versa.

We are very excited and we hope everybody is healthy, wealthy and well! Please check with tourist departments as to any COVID-19 restrictions.

Planning is the key to moving forward in the direction you want. The road takes turns but to us riders, we can appreciate that in a positive way. On our application, we have now made it so that you can fill out the application completely but not pay or commit to anything until your flights are approved. The advantage to this is that if you are seriously planning to ship your bike, but are not sure of many details, we will be able to look at your application and assist with any questions. It is easier for us to know as many details about your shipping situation, when we investigate all options for you.

Thank you to our spectacular client base who has been so understanding. Our prayers are truly for health and a return to sanity from this chaotic state we have all been living in.

Morgan Stafford - Author

We will keep you informed and in the meantime we want to share two great books with you about a nomadic experience riding, by Morgan Stafford, one of our dearest and most traveled clients.

"In his late fifties, Morgan Stafford began to think about a creative retirement after he completed a twenty-five-year career as a combatant craft designer for the Department of the Defense. A retirement that would satisfy his passion for travel. At sixty-two, at the time of his retirement he created an authentic and personal plan to live from his 1200cc Triumph Explorer touring motorcycle." (From Amazon...links to books listed below.)

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