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Montenegro & Spring Updates

Thanks to David Booth, an amazing journalist and shipper of ours, we are honored to share his insight about insurance at borders like Montenegro and how worth crossing a border can be!

The article speaks for itself and will give you a visceral sense of the beauty in unexpected places.

Other updates are SPRING! We await just a few more days for the expansion of WestJet's domestic planes that will allow shipper's to utilize ports out of Halifax, Winnepeg, Toronto and more. Their freight planes will transfer the motorcycles to their hub in Calgary and from there they will be placed on a widebody plane onward to Europe and of course vice versa. We are expecting the rates by the weekend, so (fingers crossed) we will have all of our updates by next week.

Air Transat and Air Canada are offering a lot of options as well and combined with WestJet, we feel that we will have the best options available to you to meet your Spring shipping needs. Updating our website and application with added Routes and Rates will take our tech team a few days, so you can expect things to fall into place online by about April 5th. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to inquire directly with questions. Email is best at We answer every email and return every phone call and are looking so forward to serving you with your shipping and insurance needs.

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