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Terms & Conditions for Green Card Insurance

I hereby warrant the truth of the above statements, and declare that I have not withheld any information whatsoever which might tend to influence the acceptance of this application. I understand that any false statement by me will constitute a breach of warranty and cause the policy to be void. I agree that this application shall be the bases of the Policy between me and the Company(s). I understand that this policy expires on the expiration date indicated depending on the period of coverage selected on this form, and incepts after the application and full premium payment are received by the producer, Michael Osheroff, the Agent, Broker or Motorcycles In Motion Inc., or at a later date if specified. Additionally, I hereby agree that I am authorizing submission of my online Green Card Insurance application with my electronic signature.

I also acknowledge that should I choose to have my Green Card Insurance Card EMAILED to me Electronically in place of mailing the original document, for No Mailing Fee Cost -  I understand I must have a printer to Print a copy of it and I accept that the possibility exists (although rare) that a border patrol may ask for the original and that if this original is required, I will contact Motorcycles In Motion, Inc. to expedite the shipping of this document to me on location and I will be invoiced for the cost of expedited shipping. I understand and accept that any delays due to such a situation are my own responsibility and any additional expenses while I wait for my original document to arrive are also my own responsibility.

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