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An Overview of the USA/Canadian Foreign Riders' Insurance Process.

This is an overview to walk you through the process of obtaining the USA/Canadian Insurance with highlights and tips about the program that are important to understand.

"This program is for foreign riders who are temporarily riding their own motorcycle with a foreign license plate in the US & Canada.  The insured must own the motorcycle. The insurance is not valid for motorcycles registered in the USA."

We offer a special foreign program and you can read about it here: USA Insurance for foreign riders


And here is a link directly to get a quote and even purchase online if you want.Get your USA/Canadian Insurance Quote & Purchase Online Note that the first part of the form is internal for Motorcycles In Motion, Inc. our affiliate company to assist you with customer service. In the past, everything fell under the name of Motorcycle Express, but it has been updated. Also, note that we are the broker connecting you to National General, who has done an outstanding job putting this program together. They work around the clock to test and improve the international system glitches so thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our online process.


A helpful tip is when you get to the RATE PAGE - you can change your options by scrolling down and looking at what is available. Then hit the re-rate button. Understand that there is a minimum requirement that is required by the insurance company to offer this program, so be sure to look at the most you can get and compare the rate to whatever else you may have been thinking. You may be surprised to see better coverage for the same rate. $2000. is the highest amount permitted for medical coverage for the motorcycle program. 


A few more Helpful Tips:

  • You should know straight up front that your ID card will have a default US garaging address and a default driver's license number on it but your name and VIN will be authentic to identify you. We have your foreign information, it just cannot be printed on the card because none of the foreign information is in the US or Canadian government systems. This is a special program and I think it is fantastic. National General is a great company and we are simply the broker on it.

  • Also important, in your policy - you need to realize that the towing and trip interruption are not the same as a roadside assistance program. We cannot offer roadside assistance. So instead, if you needed it, you would call the local towing company and keep your receipts for everything. Same with trip interruption. Be sure to review those pages in your policy, it will save you a huge headache if you understand it before you journey out. Then you call the number on your ID card, with your policy number and file a claim to be reimbursed for the amount that you qualify for.  I hope that makes sense. It is the best option available. Do not try to purchase any roadside assistance program. You don't need it and they do not accept foreign cards or addresses or anything. 

  • If you file a claim, it will be processed by their claim department and a US check in your name will be sent to us. (National General will not mail out of the country.) And then, we send your check to you and you bring it to your bank to cash a US check. This is the only way we can offer this program. (International banks can accept US checks.)

  • Please try your best to use the online system. It will expedite your purchase immediately and save you time. When you purchase, the insurance company will send you an email with a pin number for you to go into your portal. This is important. In your portal you can download your policy immediately after you sign your initial documents. You can also order ID cards there and in particular if you are going into Canada, you must order a Canadian Card. Canadian cards are on a special paper. The insurance company will not ship Internationally and it takes 7-10 days to get the card sent to us and then we express mail it to you. If you are looking at leaving for your journey in less than 3 weeks, it may be difficult to get your Canadian card in time. Your USA Card can be printed right away.



We hope this is helpful. If you have any major difficulties with the online system then we can do a manual quote for you but it delays the process, but if all else technically is not working for you then fill out this Form for a Manual Quote.


We are working together with the insurance company to improve the online system constantly.

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