Good News for all of our European Riders!

National General, the Insurance Carrier that is insuring all the European Riders for the US and Canada, realized that there was a glitch in the minimum premium calculations.  It incorrectly applied a $300 minimum premium for each month of the policy.  The correct procedure is to apply a $300 minimum premium for the first month, and a $150 minimum premium for each subsequent month.

Most of the quotes that were processed with multiple months were not subject to the minimum premium of $300 per month.

For example: a 4-month minimum premium was illustrated at $1,210.00 plus the policy fee of $75.

The new calculations for a 4-month minimum premium will be $850.00 plus the policy fee of $75.

National General’s new online rater will hopefully be ready by April.

We strongly suggest that you go online in April to get the proper rate. At that time, you will also be able to print all the documents that are required.

We can do a manual quote if your effective date is prior to April 1st, if you submit the NAIP application that is currently online at

Thank you all for your patience, I do applaud National General for bringing this to our attention as quickly as they did. As you must realize, a new program will have its glitches and Motorcycle Express along with National General are working continuously to avoid any additional issues.

Our goal is to provide excellent coverage for a fair price.


Mike Mandell

When you are applying for Temporary Motorcycle Insurance in the U.S. and Canada.


If you are required to enter a U.S. address, when filing out an insurance application, please make sure the U.S. address that you enter on the application is indeed an address where the cycle will be garaged and or you have proof of residency.


The policy might be issued and paid for, however at the time of a claim the Insurance Carrier has the right to validate the application to determine the truth of the contractual answers. This can determine if the claim will be paid by the Carrier.


We have spoken with Progressive Direct and we were told that they will not accept these types of policies. or pay claims on policies without valid U.S. addresses.


Independent Progressive agents might accept these policies, however the consequence at the time of a loss might be devastating.


With the National General Program, a US address is not required. The Contract is designed for foreigners riding their cycles in the US and Canada. National General realizes that the cycles are not going to be garaged in any one location but will be traveling throughout North America.


A word to the wise should be enough. Safe Travels.

Words of advice!

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