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What-to-read Wednesdays at BHS Library! Latest posts: VSCOL NOTEBOOK. Libro ebookfiqihsunnahsayyidsabiqlengkap (eBook) - Kindle edition by Annemarie Lucariella Cardoso, published by QIBE. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading What-to-read Wednesdays at BHS Library!Navigation Post navigation China’s seventh childless couple New rules in China requiring couples to have a second child for their first child to have siblings may be behind the latest estimates of the nation’s childless couples. In recent decades, the percentage of the population of a couple having one or no children fell to 20 percent, according to statistics from China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission. The rules of the One Child Policy, which requires couples to have one child in their first three years of marriage and two children in the next three years, were lifted in 2016, though couples are still eligible for the policy if their birth mother is only 18 years old. China is not the only Asian country to suggest couples who have no children to act quickly, with people in India’s north stating in a study released earlier this year that they would like to have at least one child by the age of 30. But the theory behind a few nations’ childless couples might prove to be more enlightened than that for China, according to the China Daily newspaper, which spoke to an unnamed “leading academic” in Beijing. “The skewed sex ratio would have been accentuated by a lack of female births because of the one-child policy,” the professor said, “but if a woman has a daughter, her chances of having a son later in life are higher than if she has a son first.” He added: “Most of the childless couples [in China] are generally not terribly worried about their situation and ask each other to be patient. But these couples are also a burden for society because of housing issues and the loss of taxpayers’ money for social welfare programs.”Q: Can we play music through Xbox 360 while someone is chatting on Xbox Live? I have an Xbox 360 and have been using Skype's video chatting feature. I

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