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International Travelers Coming to Canada and the USA

 Liability and Physical Damage Coverage
in the United States and Canada

Definitions to Understand Exactly What The Program Can Cover

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With the National General Program, a US address is not required. The Contract is designed for foreigners riding their cycles in the US and Canada. National General realizes that the cycles are not going to be garaged in any one location but will be traveling throughout North America.

Make sure to get your insurance as soon as possible. For your Canadian ID Card is on special document paper and is Express Mailed to you from Motorcycle Express, once we receive it from

National General. It has to be done this way, so understand it can take a couple of weeks.

About this Program

To our International Motorcycle Insurance Customers:


The insurance underwriter (carrier) that we are using for the international program (National General) is relatively new to working with our international program.  Prior to working with Motorcycle Express, National General had in place underwriting guidelines that required covered vehicles have a 'principal garaging location' in the United States.  Of course, with the international program, the 'principal garaging location' would not be within the United States.  National General understands this, and has modified their underwriting guidelines to allow, as part of the international program, for coverage of cycles garaged only temporarily in the United States.  Unfortunately, some of the verbiage on the National General website hasn't caught up with this underwriting change and appears to specifically exclude from coverage cycles not principally garaged within the United States.  Please consider this letter, coming from a duly authorized agent of National General, as confirmation that within the international program, cycles brought into the United States on a temporary basis will be covered by National General.

We offer insurance that will help provide protection for you and your motorcycle, whether you are in Europe or North America.

Important Rules/Terms

**Note - motorcycles older than 30 years are NOT eligible for this program with National General.

You will be ineligible for insurance if any of the following apply to you:

  • Any items listed in the Prohibited Risk section found on the Details Additional Information Screen (ALSO ATTACHED)

    • Note we are extending quote for insurance while the motorcycle is in the United States or Canada, so during your requested policy term we will only provide coverage for the motorcycle while it is in the United States or Canada.  We will utilize a defaulted US mailing and Garaging address in the United States for your travel policy term.

  • The motorcycle must be owned by you, cannot be greater than 30 years old, cannot be used for business and cannot be modified.  Our definition of modified is as follows:  A vehicle has been modified if the engine or driveline has changed to increase performance (i.e., Nitrous Oxide, Turbo, etc.); the vehicle has structural modifications or physical alterations to the vehicles frame (i.e., changes to the neck producing a ‘chopper’ look., lowering of the frame); or the vehicle has been rebuilt with an aftermarket engine or frame components.

Of course you must understand that their technical system currently uses defaults. One of the set defaults is that the address on your card will be the address of Motorcycle Express Services. If you plan to ride in Canada, then you must request a Canadian ID card once you get into your private portal that they send you. The USA card is something you have to PRINT, but the Canadian ID Card is on a certain document/paper that Canada requires. It will sent to Motorcycle Express and we will express mail it to you prior to your journey. 


And lastly please note that your foreign driver's license will be in the National General System with your other entered information but not printed on your card.