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Amsterdam Port Procedures



  • Traveler comes to our warehouse/office with the motorcycle.

  • Make copies of the registration/license plate.

  • Do the export customs clearance.

  • Present Air Waybill and Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods

  • Traveler can take the motorcycle to the GHA.


The cost for this operation is EUR ???.??/Motorcycle.


Our office hours are Mon-Fr from 08:30am to 05:30pm.  We need approx. 1 hour for this procedure. If Customs decides to do a physical inspection on it. It can take a couple of hours longer.

Contact Information: 

France Port Procedures


For import into CDG  - Go WFS and get from French Customs the special permit to enter into France. Providing that you are the owner of the motorcycle and have your title you can request the permit from Customs.


For Re-Export back to Canada, they charge are EUR 145.00


In addition to the Documents that we provide you there are necessary French approved documents. This cost covers those charges. (Export customs declaration + documentation  checking/preparation/labeling + assistance to customer until delivery point at WFS airlines handling warehouse.)


You, as the customer, pay them directly either by CB, or by cash the day you have the appointment with them.


Remember that they can provide you the service from Monday to Friday only (not possible on Saturday & Sunday and French bank holidays)


You as the customer need to make an appointment with Patrice, 1 day or 2 days  before your shipping departure date.


If your departure is scheduled on Sat/Sun/Monday flight….then you need to have an appointment on Friday with Patrice at EXACIEL AMC LOGISTIQUE. (Contact information is below.)


You must first to to their office (below is address). When customs is done, paperwork is all reviewed, completed and okay, then you will be escorted by Patrice/Exaciel to the warehouse for World Wide Flight Services and he will assist you so that you are accepted by the airlines.


They are an excellent company and they will strive to make your return shipping experience go very smoothly.

Contact Patrice at:


ZA du Moulin

9 Rue du Noyer


TEL +33 1 34 38 58 58

FAX +33 1 34 38 58 50

UK Port Procedures


GATWICK, MANCHESTER, GLASGOW Instructions for a Customers Broker

This is recommended. You deal directly with the broker and pay them directly. It seems that these ports are requiring a broker now.


48 Hours in advance, you must notify you them via email or phone 011 44 (0) 1293 606 900 and ask for Les or Steve.


Give them your Air Waybill # and let them know what port and what date your cycle/s will arrive.



Below are clearance charges for UK airports, IF we incur the handling charge we would pass it on to the importer, just FYI there is a Min handling fee of £45.00 however no motorcycle will be under this.




Customs clearance                       £65.00

Handling (if req)                           0.22 per kg

Weekend/holiday attendance    £95.00




Customs clearance                       £75.00

Handling                                        0.22per kg

Weekend/holiday attendance    £95.00



Same as Manchester

Customs clearance                       £75.00

Handling                                        0.22per kg

Weekend/holiday attendance    £95.00


Export NES/Customs clearance                 £35.00 (all airports)


This can be pre-lodged so no need for weekend attendance however if a customer just rocks up then we would have to attend and therefore a charge will be levied £95.00.



Above is based on all export docs being complete, AWB DGN labels etc.

Best contact e-mail:

Phone: 011 44 (0) 1293 606 900 and ask for Les or Steve

2022 Heathrow Location

Worldwide Flight Services

Ltd 549 Shoreham Rd E, Longford, Hounslow TW6 3UA

United Kingdom

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